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Mother's day flowers - what to choose?

Mother’s day is coming up soon (May 14th, to be exact). And it’s time to consider giving the gift of Mother's Day flowers.
Your mom has always been there for you. When you lost your first tooth, when you fell off your bike, when you found your first friend, when you got your first job and when you went through your first heartache. Mother’s love is the purest love you can find on this earth. Mothers deserve only the best.
A gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers will always make your mum’s day. Fresh flowers are a perfect gift to express your gratitude and thanks for all the support and unconditional love.
If you can’t decide what flower bouquets to go for, we are here to help. These are our favourite Mother’s day flowers.

Mother's day flowers


Carnations as mothers day flowers


Let’s start with the most popular mother’s day flowers option - carnations. Also known as the official flowers of Mother’s day and for a good reason. These fresh flowers with fluffy blooms and beautiful bright colours will draw everyone’s attention. They make a lovely addition to any bouquet due to its fragrance and long-lasting freshness. White carnations symbolise purity and luck, red symbolises love, gratitude and admiration.

Roses for mothers day

A classic choice that you can’t go wrong with. A bouquet of fresh roses make a nice gift. Though roses are mostly associated with romance, it actually depends on the colour of these blooms. White roses, similarly to carnations, symbolise purity and grace. Pink means gratitude and admiration. Yellow roses symbolise warmth, happiness and friendship. All of these colours are a great choice for mother’s day flowers.

Lilies, mother's day flowers

The sweet and innocent beauty of lilies makes another great addition to any flower bouquets. Lilies are believed to symbolise femininity and fertility. White lilies represent purity, innocence and pink symbolises prosperity and abundance. It’s a popular gift to celebrate life. Makes a wonderful meaning when giving to a new mother.

Flowers for mother's day - orchids.Orchids

Generally, orchids are known as a symbol of pure love, beauty, luxury and toughness. These fresh flowers come in unusual shapes and beautiful colours. They’ll always be a joyful gift, whichever colour you’re choosing. Pink orchid symbolises grace, happiness, love and fertility. Ideal for an expected mum-to-be. Purple orchid is a beautiful sight and makes a wonderful gift for a mother’s day. It represents respect, elegance and admiration. Blue blooms mean uniqueness, beauty and rarity. Yellow and orange are to celebrate friendship. Green means extra luck and blessings. If your mother is currently in need of a meaningful gesture, go for green orchids.

Fresh flowers for mothers day.Peonies

Most loved flowers around the world. They symbolise love, respect, luck and honour. With their lush, full and rounded bloom, peonies are an expression of goodwill, best wishes and joy.

Mother's day flowers, sunflowersSunflowers

Sunflowers will instantly brighten up a home and someone’s day. They are known as ‘happy’ flowers for a reason. With a round face and bright yellow petals representing rays of sunshine, the sunflower is a symbol of optimism. Sunflowers are famous for turning their faces towards the sun, they literally look to the bright side.

So many options for Mother's day flowers

So there you go, these are our favourite fresh flowers for mother’s day. Flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate our most precious people in our life. Browse our flowers collection to find a bouquet as wonderful as she is.
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