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Sweet Soul Package

Sweet Soul Package

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All our flowers are sourced and picked from our friendly growers at Sydney Flower Markets. Flowers depend on the market and season, please trust that we will select beautiful blooms to send on your behalf. All our Shique designs on our website are inspiration only and we endeavour to create beautiful flowers each and every time using these as our guidelines for your order. If you have a specific request please call us direct on 02 42961010 before placing your order.

Shipping and Delivery

For same day deliveries, orders must be placed and received prior to 12pm. For anything outside of these terms please call prior to placing your order.

We endeavour to deliver your order to your requested time however please be mindful that sometimes we can be held up with circumstances out of our control.

Shique Floral Design reserves the right to charge and increased delivery fee (Payable to the customer) if the deliver address is incorrect, the address is incorrectly spelt, the number on the house, unit or business is incorrect or the information is misleading.

If the recipient is not home the courier will leave the delivery at the front door or in a secure spot out of the weather and conditions at the address provided.

Overall, we endeavour to make sure your online floral experience is as smooth as possible.

Sweet Soul Package: A Blissful Wine and Chocolate Hamper

Indulge your senses and delight your palate with our Sweet Soul Package, a captivating wine and chocolate hamper designed to offer the ultimate pampering experience for your mind, body, and soul. This thoughtfully curated package encompasses a harmonious blend of luxurious treats. Promising a symphony of flavours and sensory pleasures that will leave you and your loved ones enchanted.

Divine Decadence: Chocolates for Every Sweet Craving

Satisfy your sweet cravings with the Large Box of Chocolates. A delectable assortment of premium chocolates that melt in your mouth. Evoking feelings of pure indulgence and joy. Each handcrafted piece is a celebration of fine craftsmanship. Making it a delightful gift for any chocolate connoisseur. From silky truffles to rich caramels, this collection offers a divine exploration of flavours that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

A Toast to Elegance: Australian Wine at Its Finest

Complementing the sweetness is a bottle of exquisite Australian Wine, carefully selected to enhance the rich flavours of the chocolates. It will elevate your wine and chocolate hamper tasting experience to new heights. Embark on a journey of sensory discovery as you savour the nuanced aromas and velvety textures of this exceptional wine. Whether shared with loved ones or savoured in peaceful solitude, each sip is a celebration of life's finest moments.

Serenity in a Glow: Embrace the Ambiance

Set the scene for relaxation and ambiance with the Elume Pillar Candle. Perfect for casting a warm and inviting glow that infuses the surroundings with a touch of enchantment. As the flickering flame dances, allow yourself to unwind and savour the moment of tranquility. Let the soft glow of the candle create a serene atmosphere, perfect for cozy evenings and intimate gatherings.

Nourishing Indulgence: Pamper Your Skin

Pamper your skin with the Myrtle & Moss Hand Cream and Soap Bar. It's crafted with botanical extracts to nourish and moisturise, leaving your skin feeling soft and revitalised. The delicate scents evoke a sense of serenity and elegance, embracing you with a gentle aroma that lingers throughout the day. Embrace the ritual of self-care and indulge in the soothing luxury of these pampering essentials.

Embrace Abundance: The Radiant Citrine Crystal

To complete this sensory journey, the Sweet Soul Package includes the Citrine Crystal. It's known for its radiant energy and ability to bring positivity and abundance into your life. This sparkling gemstone serves as a constant reminder to embrace the beauty of life's little pleasures and cherish the moments that warm your heart. Allow its energy to uplift your spirits and ignite a sense of gratitude for the joys that surround you.
Whether you're gifting yourself or surprising someone special, our Sweet Soul Package is a divine wine and chocolate hamper indulgence that celebrates the art of fine living and the joy of pampering oneself. Perfect for celebrations, anniversaries, or moments when you wish to spread love and joy, this wine and chocolate gift hamper is a timeless expression of appreciation and affection.
Elevate your gifting experience and delight in the magic of the Sweet Soul Package from Shique Floral Design. Order now and savour the blissful symphony of wine, chocolates, and delightful treasures that await you in this enchanting hamper.
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